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For any non Facebook luddites heres the latest report from Jon Dent on the Manton trial. (THE COMMENTATOR)

TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS: a catch up on the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as fired straight across our Renthals by the Manton Classic with THE COMMENTATOR!!!
If points mean prizes then who would be bigger winners than Roger and Gav as true to form, three minutes before Col Thompson was about to give his clerk of the course briefing signalling the start of the event, (“Don’t ride over any children and DON’T ride off any of those cliffs or you’ll be killed! Other than that have a great trial!”), Roger decided that Gav’s bike would definitely run better with a different carb, (it didn’t – Gav!!), and Roger decided to completely disassemble his points on his Bulto! These boys are the masters of the last minute total engine rebuild and still always manage to make it to the start line! This sort of malarkey would give me a heart attack frankly but these Gunness boys are so laid back they are falling over. I bumped into Gavin at the Winterton Steam Rally with his entire family in tow where he calmly, nay, cheerfully announced that he’d successfully sold their house for a good price but had thus far failed to acquire them a replacement and therefore he had effectively rendered them all homeless but not to worry as that freed up plenty of cash to go looking for an Oset for his (very) young daughter… see what I mean, laid back… heart attack material for me that is,I can tell you!!!
Needless to say they both finished in extremely good form so it’s clearly not affecting their performance! Out on the beautifully finished Bultaco for the first time this season, Sanderson Senior followed through on his authoritative performance at North Ormsby with another truly assertive ride in the increasingly tricky conditions at Manton stamping his intention to win the Clubman championship all over the quarry dropping only seven points all day, most of which were dropped on that nasty old section three which took a lot of points it has to be said… I think you’ve all got Shae Fowler to thank for that one guys!!!! Ha, ha!!!
Meanwhile, subsequent to his pre trial, paddock bound engineering shenanigans, Sanderson Junior had a gruelling three way ( Matron pleeeease!!!!) with Shae Fowler and David Broughton which saw some fantastic riding from all three and resulted in the younger family member having to settle for three points by the tightest of margins which isn’t going to improve his prospects of clambering towards 50/50 heaven anytime soon, better luck next time Gav!!! After his celebrity appearances last week doing some serious slate riding, stream wading filmwork, Smooth riding Robin Dalton stayed, unruffled and on form to take the win.
Despite a clash with a Banovallum event, Manton was a hugely popular event with 64 riders attending including 17 new members I believe, according to Mick ‘Stato’ Staples. It was a fantastic course with plenty of variety and challenge for all categories and a subtle and changing surface across the quarry that could punish the unwary for a dab or two as the day wore on as on some sections the route became increasingly slippery underfoot despite the warming sunshine.
It was great to see lots of new riders being welcomed into the club. ( just look at the White route list!!!)
Les Waters and I took trials first timer Martin round his first lap on his 4RT and gave him a few handy hints. Nobody bothered to point out to him that getting a few handy hints from me and Les was about as much good as being offered a chocolate exhaust pipe and probably about as welcome as a fart in a space suit but we did our bit and he wasn’t crying when he left and didn’t threaten us with a lawsuit so I guess he’ll be back at Grasby!!!
Casualties mounted as the challenging course took its toll. Alan Marin – Andrew suffered two punctures during the first lap, the first to his back tyre bringing his campaign to an untimely finish, swiftly to be followed by one to his petrol tank resulting in it deflating to a third of its normal size, the crowds were dismayed at the sight as Alan resigned himself to an afternoon’s observation!!! This turn of events will not have assuaged any hopes he may have had for a late surge in the Championship and I’m sure he’ll be hugely grateful for me pointing that out!!!
Meanwhile Luke Staples lost a shock absorber at the end of the first lap starting as he did on a Twinshock and finishing on a Mono, leaving observers scratching their heads to keep up!!! This peculiar turn of events and the remarkable growth in the size of his engine during the course of this event from 156 to 245cc, which was nothing short of a miracle, ( ask him!), did not prevent him from having a really excellent ride on the expert route for a loss of only twelve points just behind Mister Gadsby on the CCM who lost only ten.
As I mention a truly remarkable second clean competition for Robin Cobb on the big old 325 Beamish for whom the addition of a decompressor lever as a secret weapon for controlled descents was clearly a successful strategy for this month’s round and Russ Walker’s equally remarkable clean round I feel I must say how breathtaking it was watching these guys haul their bikes up the cliff walls of Section one.
It was a real shame John or Gill Lawson weren’t there to get some of their excellent photos of the top riders perched right up there on the high peaked tops of the quarry edges as they clung on for grip on the impossibly steep descents, it was awe inspiring to watch as I prepared myself to dribble along the bottomed the chasm… we all do what we can do, the best we can do it and we all enjoy it, that’s what makes it such a great club and a great sport!!! It was bloody impressive riding though!!!
I would also like to say a quick big up for the two lads getting the very best out of that old Ossa Gripper which was doing the very best not to live up to its name but they rode it really well and were having a great day, good on you boys!!!
Mark Porteous made a stellar return to the Novice class on his TY with a fine win for the loss of only five marks, once again all lost on that tricky Section three.
Having assessed that my left knee wasn’t up to what was highly likely to result in a lot of footing up Section three’s curving climb, I opted for discretion being the better part of valour and took five fives on that one. Having said that I was happily telling someone in the paddock afterwards that I had opted for the strategy of protecting my knees by trying not to put my feet down when they very considerately pointed out that, this is of course, the fundamental point of competition Trials…. arse!
Have a nice month, roll on Grasby, I might have thought of something a bit more clever by then… maybe ….double arse!!!!

The results from the last trial held on 8/10/17 can be seen by using the link below. Thanks to the observers and everyone involved in organising the event.

Manton Results

The clubs AGM is being held on 6th November at The George, George St, Barton on Humber. DN18 5ES. 7pm start. The club officials and committee members will be elected. Everyone welcome, come and get involved in running your club!

Our next trial is at Grasby Quarry on 12th November which is Remembrance Sunday, the trial will start later than usual  at 11 am after two minutes silence has been held.

All classes of bike and four routes suitable for any level of rider. Please bring an observer if you can, also if you can spare a few hours the day before the trial to help mark out sections please let Colin Thompson know you can ring him on 01469 540678.

Photos taken by Gillian Lawson from North Ormsby


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Do you want to help out the club you are a member of, have some input into how the trials are set out and get a £10 discount on your trials entry fee??

The club is looking for help in setting out trials on the Saturday before the event. Club members who are experienced in marking out trials could do with a hand with marking out the sections and clearing overgrown areas so different new sections can be set.

Even if you could only help out at one event per season it would be appreciated, although if you can do more all the better.

If you can spare a few hours the day before a trial to help mark out sections please see Colin Thompson or ring him on 01469 540678, he is organising a rota of volunteers for this seasons events.